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 Why Virtual Reality?

"What is it like to walk in someone else's shoes? Books allow us to imagine it and movies allow us to see it, but VR is the first medium that actually allows us to experience it." 

— Nick Mokey, Digital Trends Journalist

“Now you’ve got this virtual reality training, and with a smaller investment than the traditional training systems…  the training incident becomes very realistic. It’s so realistic you honestly get scared about the situation you’re in … You really feel as if you are in the scenario.”

By Deputy Chief Eddie L. Reyes (ret.)
Alexandria Police Department
Police Foundation Senior Law Enforcement Project Manager

"This data [on VR learning] is exciting in that it suggests that immersive environments could offer new pathways for improved outcomes in education and high-proficiency training.”

—Amitabh Varshney, Professor of computer science and dean of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences at UMD

 Experience training beyond The status quo

Street Smarts VR is redefining how first responders train

Realistic and immersive

Our 360 VR platform provides users a realistic experience simulating a variety of police-citizen scenarios. We combine advanced motion capture technology with content developed from real police encounters (Domestic Violence, Motor Vehicle Stop, etc.), using body camera footage and user feedback from law enforcement officials. Our system also offers unique training, assessment, and evaluation tools.

accessibility and efficiency

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Top quality training can be available for all law enforcement professionals. From the largest department to the smallest, most remote counties, the most advanced virtual reality training is available to you. Our system is deployed in-precinct within any 10x10 ft. area. Street Smarts VR allows officers to train at any moment, resulting in increased usage, cost savings, and a police force equipped with enhanced training.

Affordable and scalable 

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The Street Smarts VR package offers departments a premium virtual reality training experience at a fraction of the cost of existing offerings. Street Smarts VR provides unlimited usage for your entire staff at a flat price- there are no per-use fees to worry about. Our mission is to provide a system that encourages as much use as needed to enhance and supplement current training methods.

The Street Smarts VR Advantage

Street Smarts VR uses motion capture technology to shoot authentic human moments to simulate real word scenarios. With the help of subject matter experts, top-tier animators, professional actors, and extensive user feedback from law enforcement officials throughout the United States, Street Smarts VR has created a platform that can be customized to meet the demands of any department.

Making of SSVR

What Differentiates Streets Smarts VR


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