Street Smarts VR is a virtual reality-based training platform for law enforcement.

Get the best training possible for your department and your community. 
Safer Cops. Safer Communities.


To protect themselves and the communities they serve, officers must be able to make effective decisions under stress.



Officers killed in the line of duty in 2017


Unarmed citizens shot and killed in 2017

It was realistic and I love being able to go into review mode and think about what just happened
— Patrol officer, pilot tester

Existing training methods are outdated and do not equip officers for real-world encounters.

Street Smarts VR is changing how police officers train. 


Realistic and immersive

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Our 360 VR provides a realistic experience available to simulate police-citizen encounters. We combine motion capture technology with content developed from real police encounters (Domestic Violence, Motor Vehicle Stop, etc.), using body camera footage and input from officers. Our system also offers unique training, assessment, and evaluation tools.

Access and frequency 


Top quality training can be available for all law enforcement professionals – from the largest department to the smallest, most remote precinct. Our system is deployed in-precinct in any 10x10 ft. area – officers can decide to train at any moment. Quick access means increased usage, cost savings, and a better trained police force.

Affordable and scalable 

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The Street Smarts VR package costs a fraction of existing offerings. Street Smarts provides unlimited usage for your entire police force - there are no per-use fees to worry about. Our mission is to provide a system that encourages as much use as needed to deploy well-trained officers into the field. 


Interested in how Street Smarts VR can support training efforts in your precinct?


Veterans Shark Tank (2017)
VetSmallBiz Growth Challenge 2.0 (2018)

Combine VR/AR Startup, NYC Media Lab (2017)
Columbia University Lang Fund (2018)

Global Finalist
Global Social Venture Competition (2018)

InSITE Startup Partner (2018)
NationSwell Partner Company (2018)